Women's Equip

Women's Equip

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Dive into 2 Peter with us!

Equip is an opportunity to go deeper into Scripture than on Sunday mornings. Plus, it's great way to meet new people at Midtown.

We’ll be finishing our study of 1 and 2 Peter, but you don't need to have participated in our previous 1 Peter study to join! 

In teaching time, we'll learn about themes, structure, and key passages in the book. Then, in small group time, we'll discuss how to apply 2 Peter to our daily lives.

You can buy the workbook here.

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    Registration closed on Thursday, April 4, 2024


    Amber Williams
    Amanda Rothschild
    Elise Welsh
    Althea Tangco
    Kristen Frame
    Rebecca Ramirez
    Julie Gatewood
    Karine McGarrity
    Kelsey Lozada
    Becky Ott
    Amy Shoemaker
    Jennifer McReynolds
    Kelby Swanson
    Joi Crosby
    Kendra Singleton
    Gabby Lunsford
    Estrella Flores
    Hannah Evans
    Jayna Newcomer
    Sara Fountain
    Kacie Law
    Dana Gumm
    Amanda Galloway
    Emilee Shabel
    Christina Stephens
    Jordan Lienhoop
    Taryn Blocker
    Jarboe Jennings
    Donna Mattingly
    Rayann Jones
    Elaine Moore
    Lindsay Eubanks
    Sarah Sloan
    Kathy Chavez
    Ashley Leightenheimer
    Katlin Thurston
    Katie Skeen
    Allison Rushing
    Kiana Brown
    Ciera Powell
    LB O'Nan
    Jenny Smith
    Rebekah Knittle
    Claire Ruppert
    Josie Sullivan
    Hannah Liming
    Danielle Jones
    Abby Tucker
    Rachel Hamm
    Jaimie Hockema
    Molly Smith
    Gaby Salazar
    Madison Harper
    Makenna Gibson
    Sammi Lawson
    Kristen Hawthorne
    Rachel Ford
    Robin Allen
    Lydia Gahafer
    Erin Watts
    Maddie Wyatt
    Alex Gerrish
    Stacey Groneck
    Aly Hall
    Elise Bauer
    Whitney Major
    Sierra Paff
    Esther Wermer
    Meghan Greene
    Julie Minor
    Daniela Watanabe
    Mariah Frantz
    Katie Doyle
    Taryn Millett
    Jupiter Katsaros
    Dottie Smith
    Emily Norris
    Sydney Foster
    Allie Jones
    Laura Stokes
    Viki Kooiman
    Sarah Mayer
    LeKiesha Davis
    Emily Peck
    Alyssa Clary-Sanchez
    Ellen Stinnett
    Ashley Miles
    Jaeden Thomas
    Liv Klee
    Charity Duke
    Melanie Lynn
    Sarah Krebs
    Shauntrece Pyles
    Jill White
    Sydney English
    Shay West
    Callie Young
    Veronica Wigginton
    Faye Goodyear
    Michala Teelucksingh
    Charlotte Jacobson
    Kelly Clan
    Keturah Bowe
    Olivia Zimmerman
    Grace Gibson
    Lydia Parks
    Gabriella Ratliff
    Grace Harrub
    Danielle Prysock
    Emilie French
    Helen Griffin
    Sarah Bledsoe
    Miya Calderon
    Kimberly Andrews
    Katrina Bartley
    Olivia Sayre
    Laurie Hochhalter
    Natalia Bosch
    Lori Cauble
    Rachel Horn
    Grace Hawkins
    Madeline Darst
    Daniela Garcia Flores

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