What is Restore?

Restore is a ministry that helps you to know and experience God’s love as you live in a broken world. You will also see how God reframes and redeems your story through your time in Restore. You will bring your story honestly before God and those in your group as you look together at God’s story. Restore meets in committed groups of Men, Women, and Couples.

Who is it for?

Restore is for anyone who wants to grow as a disciple or who feels overwhelmed by life. Given God’s powerful and pursuing love, there is no sin or suffering too great to bring to Restore.

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Hear about Carrie's journey from anger and anxiety to trust in God.

Jennifer & Juan

Juan and Jennifer stepped away from themes of hiding into understanding and practicing God's love into their marriage.


Rachel started from a place of guilt and shame, but as her picture of God changed, she learned to experience God's goodness.

Brad & Kirsten

Restore helped Brad & Kirsten learn to move from worry and fear to trust in God.


Brandon shifted from shame, fear, and performance to believing that God's love is a free gift.


Restore helped Elise put down compulsive worry as she learned about God's patience and compassion.


Scott's time in restore showed him stop living to satisfy other people's expectations.


When Liz went through Restore, she was able to process anxiety and depression, moving to see God as both close and caring.


Restore helped Faith heal from a story of chaos and abuse, becoming able to run to God instead of from him.


Restore is an intentional gospel community that starts with everyone sharing their stories, then moves through God’s story so that God can reframe and redeem your story while restoring your soul. The groups where you participate help you to abide in Christ as you live in a broken world so that you can live with more freedom and confidence in Jesus. Women, men, and couples will be in different groups, which are not issue-specific.

Rather than limiting the focus to specific issues, Restore is built to address any life struggle we may face. Examples of struggles brought to Restore groups include anxiety, spiritual dryness, loneliness, depression, abuse, marital struggles, pornography, family issues, the aftermath of adultery, self-injury, and other issues that we face in a fallen world. In Restore, you will see how God is with you even in your darkest valley and how Jesus offers hope in every circumstance. In order to give the space for this work of the Lord, we ask all participants to commit to weekly attendance and all outside lessons.

If you want to have more insight into our approach of Gospel Care within Restore, you are welcome to read through our Gospel Care Expectations and Consent form that gives insight into how we approach Care at Sojourn. Gospel Care Expectations and Consent Form.

The Christian life requires commitment and courage. God did not design us to journey in isolation. Committing to your group through weekly attendance and engagement in the assignments and discussion demonstrates your desire to experience the love of God and others in the group, both giving and receiving encouragement.

The registration fee for Groups is $25 per person or $40 per couple, which helps cover the basic costs of the ministry and the Restore Study Guide. We do not want the cost to keep anyone from committing to Restore, so please speak with a ministry leader about scholarship opportunities.

The process of joining Restore starts with a consent form and an application. Our consent form allows you to have a picture of our approach to gospel care and equipping and the application tells us a little about yourself as we look to place you in a group. After you complete the application you will wait for us to let you know if we've been able to place you in a group. Our group availability is determined by the available leaders and slots that make group assignments. After we've determined group availability, we will let you know if you’ve been placed in a group or on a waitlist for a future group. The last step is to submit payment, which secures your spot in your group.

Applications for our next Restore season are open! Apply Here!

Because groups in Restore have a defined beginning and end, they are not a substitute for the ongoing commitment in Community Groups. That said, you have freedom to continue in your Community Group or to step out while you participate in Restore. Through your experience in Restore, God will deepen your understanding of discipleship and care in community so that you will be better equipped to encourage and comfort those in your CG. In Restore, you will use the Restore Story Guide with your group to take a closer look at your own story as you begin to look up toward God’s story and realities revealed in his word. Also, Restore groups have both a launch and conclusion, lasting around 14-16 weeks.

Childcare will not be provided. However, families are welcome to get creative by joining together and sharing cost of a babysitter or asking someone in your Community Group to help out.

If you have other questions about Restore or would like to talk with someone about our ministry, email us at

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